Who I Am

greg2My name is Greg Lane and I am an encourager and exhorter. Earlier in my life (especially in my younger years) I was quite the opposite. I was always looking for a way to get a laugh, and if it happened to be at someone else’s expense then “so be it.” I suppose I hurt a lot of people’s feelings during those years…not thinking about the weight and importance of the words that left my mouth.

As I matured, however, I came across an important scripture that changed the way I talked to and related to others. That scripture is found in Proverbs 18:21: “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.”Armed with my new-found understanding of the importance of my words, I’ve endeavored to use them in a positive, influential kind of way. A way that makes people feel good about themselves, their situations and, most importantly, about their God.

I still like to “cut up” with folks and you will possibly see some of those tendencies in some of my writings. But my objective has changed. Yes, I’m still interested in making people laugh and smile…but I’m most interested in making people think about who they are, their possibilities, and the great opportunities that are available to those who put their trust completely in God. SourceofEncouragement.com is a result of my realization that the “words” God has given me were not just “for me” but to be shared with others.