Rhythm and Rhyme


OptiMIST and pessiMIST…they both contain “MIST”
A thick fog, a dark shroud, with an uncertain twist.
The pessimist can’t see through it, so he just shakes his fist
And adds another disappointment to his already long list.
The optimist? He doesn’t doubt the fog does exist,
But he can see past it and says “I’ll get through this”
And then walks through the shroud to discover his bliss
As the pessimist looks on and lets out a hiss.
So, what am I saying? This is the gist…
The optimist can see what the pessimist missed!

For we walk by faith, not by sight. 1 Corinthians 5:7

© Greg Lane 2012


There are three places I’ve been tempted to go
Three places where “love, joy and peace” cannot grow
So, I’ve got some advice that I’d like to share
Just 4 simple words “DO NOT GO THERE.”

There’s a place called WORRY where you wring your hands
And you fret about things that you don’t understand
When you’re in WORRY you negate the power of prayer
So please take my advice…DO NOT GO THERE!

There’s a place called FEAR, and it’s cold and dark
When you pass by FEAR keep driving…don’t park
FEAR is a mirage, it’s just a hollow scare
Again, take my advice…DO NOT GO THERE!

There’s a place called ANGER where your blood pressure rises
Turns molehills into mountains, and inconvenience into crisis
You’ll never have peace when in ANGER, so beware
Yes, ANGER is a place so DO NOT GO THERE!

I’ve been to all three so I know whence I speak
In these three places the strong become weak
WORRY, FEAR and ANGER…they’re a giant snare
Take my advice…DO NOT GO THERE!

© Greg Lane 2013


I have to admit it, I’m in denial
To tell the truth, I’ve been this way for a while
I deny my feelings, they won’t govern my day
I deny my lusts, they won’t lead me astray
I deny that my bank account determines my wealth
I deny that a doctor can determine my health
I deny news reports and every voice that I’ve heard
That is contrary to what I read in God’s Word
This may make some angry, others may smile
But it’s the way that I live…I live in denial.

Matthew 16:24 “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.”

© Greg Lane 2012