From Nuisance to New Sense

photoBack last November I got a call from my insurance agent that really aggravated me. He said that the large tree growing beside my garage would have to be taken down (at my own expense) or they would discontinue myinsurance. I knew that day was coming since the tree had grown “into” the side of the garage and was damaging it. But, I also knew that to get that HUGE tree taken down was going to cost me a LOT of money. The average estimate I got was around $1500! I wish I could say that I prayed about it and got “God’s Peace” on it, but really I was just ticked off more than anything. I finally found a guy that said he could just “put it on the ground” for me for $700…I would have to take care of the clean up and disposing of all the limbs. That was a relief to get the job done for half of the other estimates. Whew!

As the limbs started falling and I was looking at all of that wood piling up, I began to see the potential in that big tree (that NUISANCE) that I hadn’t seen before. I realized that there was tons of firewood in that tree (firewood that heated our house this whole past winter.) Then, as I was looking at some of the really huge pieces of wood, I saw even more potential…there was a bench in that tree and some stump stools for our backyard shade garden (photo). Yep, that tree started out as a Nuisance, but through it I got a New Sense of creativity that I didn’t have before…I realized that there’s a chainsaw artist in me! HaHa! Here we are months later…$700 out of my pocket, but a neat wooden bench in my backyard, some cool stump stools and a lower heating bill than I could have ever had without all the firewood that I burned.

Sometimes problems are just problems and you just have deal with them…and sometimes problems are opportunities to discover something about yourself that you never knew before.

Author: GregLane

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  1. this is awesome! so many blessings by investing $700 to cut down your tree. that’s beyond worth it! so happy you shared this!

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