To be “Faithful” means that “you’re always there, you can always be counted upon”…Not just when someone needs you, but even when it seems you’re not needed…Not just when things are going rough and times are hard, but even when things are going smooth…you’re there…constant, committed, true. When you’re “Faithful” you will be taken for granted, but you don’t get offended or hurt because of it, because you’re not being Faithful for other people’s sake…you do it for your own sake, because it’s part of your fiber and being, and because you know God sees you and honors your Faithfulness even when humans don’t.

None of us would admit that we take the sun for granted but we do…we have never doubted its Faithfulness to rise and set each day…it has been constant in our lives, yet we rarely give it a second thought or a word of thanks for its light, warmth and continued Faithfulness. It remains Faithful regardless of human appreciation. It must remain Faithful because that is the way God made it. I must remain Faithful…for that is the way God made me!

Author: GregLane

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