Encouragement from God’s Word

SourceOfEncouragement.com is a place where you can come to get encouragement from God’s Word with a fresh perspective along with some traditional, tried-and-true viewpoints. The word “encouragement” contains the word “courage,” so it is my intention through these posts to bring courage to those who fight along side me in this battlefield of life. We all have a common enemy, whether we realize it or not, so we must be equipped, both with a sword and a shield. Faith is our shield…The Word of God is our sword. Each post on this site will have Bible themes and Bible verses meshed into each. Hopefully you already have your shield…I aim to put a sword in you hand!

Inspirational Writing

We all need a little inspiration in our lives to help us through the stress and pressures of life. The word “inspire” comes from the Latin word “inspirare” which means ‘breathe into.’  Whether you realize it or not, you need life breathed into you in order to live and function. The same breath that God breathed into Adam to give him life is the same breath that you and I must have to continue on. But it’s not just “plain ol’ air” breathed through the lungs that gives man life…it’s the “inspiration” of the Almighty that gives him REAL life. Source of Encouragement is a place to find inspiration for daily living…a fresh dose of breath from God to help a soul carry on in life. It is my hope that the words shared on this website will bring true INSPIRATION…God’s BREATH!